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I took this prompt sometime back in july, and then my computer died. so i had to rewrite them. But here they are, finally, in their finished format. Yay!

DuVista sentences, written originally for 1sentenceSet: Alpha
Rating: PG to R
Spoilers for Season Five and some of Six of CSI: Miami

#01 – Comfort

Natalia almost threw up at the sight of her first body; back at the lab she had bowed to the porcelain god and came out when she was finished to see Calleigh standing there with a sympathetic expression.    


#02 – Kiss

Natalia’s dreams were filled with cherry and whiskey flavored kisses and long blonde hair brushing over her skin.      


#03 – Soft

Calleigh’s hand had inadvertently touched her and it felt like she had been burned by fire, soft and blazing.       


#04 – Pain

Why she had slept with Nick again she would never know (why she had thought he had changed she wouldn’t either) but she thought she saw something in Calleigh’s eyes when the DNA results revealed she had.


#05 – Potatoes

Natalia munched on her fries and watched Calleigh bat Eric away from stealing one of her own, smiling at the little pout on her lips.


#06 – Rain

It started raining when Natalia had tried to open her car door; her tears of frustration were mixed with the rain and she was beating the hood when Calleigh pulled up beside her, rolled down the window and asked if she needed a ride.


#07 – Chocolate

“You have the prettiest eyes,” Calleigh had said once, and when she had looked at her questioningly, the blonde had merely smiled.


#08 – Happiness

Calleigh made something in Natalia live again, something she never thought she’d ever have once more.


#09 – Telephone

After she had seen Jake kiss Calleigh and the blonde leave with him, she sobbed into the phone, her heart breaking into pieces as Cristine listened.


#10 – Ears

Nat blinked, hardly believing what Valera was saying; apparently Jake had left town for good and Calleigh was heart-broken yet again.


#11 - Name 

Calleigh looked up when her name was called and was relieved to see it was Natalia who knelt beside her and gently brushed away her hair from her eyes.


#12 – Sensual

She honestly hadn’t meant to kiss her but the vulnerable look in the blonde’s eyes made Natalia want to comfort her, and at the moment it was the only thing she could think of doing.


#13 - Death 

And there, in the morgue were Alexx had let Calleigh hide so no one could find her, they shared their first kiss.


#14 – Sex

Their first time had been in Natalia’s house on the floor of her bedroom.


#15 – Touch

Hearing Calleigh moan her name as she laved her beautiful sex with her tongue was probably the best thing Natalia had ever heard.


#16 – Weakness

Calleigh of course retaliated by making her weak-kneed and writhing as her expert fingers made her come screaming her name.


#17 - Tears 

“Cry me a river,” Calleigh playfully teased as she held her lover’s favorite ice-cream behind her back, “because I’m eating it all without you.”


#18 – Speed

Calleigh always made sure Natalia cleaned her gun and kept it in working order. 


#19 - Wind  

When Calleigh lost all the windows in her condominium, it took her and Nat four days to replace them all, only because the hurricane had left a lot of work for the crime lab.


#20 – Freedom

There was something about the smile Calleigh flashed her from across the lab that made Natalia feel… free, somehow.


#21 – Life

“One of these days, life is gonna catch up with you, and everything you’ve ever done will seem pointless,” Natalia mused, noting Calleigh rolling her eyes.         


#22 – Jealousy

Jake, when he came back from Antigua, would often watch the two of them together and wish he hadn’t let the blonde get away.   


#23 - Hands

Calleigh’s hands were fine-boned and strong, and the way they caressed Natalia made her breathless.


#24 - Taste 

Calleigh didn’t taste like cherries and whiskey; more like mint and rum (too many mojitos?).


#25 - Devotion

“I won’t leave you babe-ever.”


#26 - Forever        

It was simple- no big to do, nothing humongous, but when Eric noticed the diamond on Nat’s finger, he nearly had a heart attack.


#27 – Blood

There was so much of it that it stained the carpet a pale pink, and Calleigh prayed that nothing had happened to her.


#28 - Sickness       

Her hands were trembling violently, and it took a hug from Alexx to calm her down, though Ryan was the one who carried her into the break room after she collapsed.


#29 – Melody

Calleigh fell asleep listening to Natalia’s voice on the answering machine; the timbre and rise of it soothing her frazzled nerves.


#30 – Star

It was pitch black, but everyone could see Horatio carrying someone in his arms towards the waiting police blockade.


#31 - Home 

Natalia clung tightly to the lieutenant and begged him to take her away; back home, to Calleigh.


#32 - Confusion    

The brunette was still unsure that her nightmare was truly over, and so refused to let go of Horatio’s hand all the way to the hospital.


#33 – Fear

Calleigh threw herself into Natalia’s arms, weeping as the fear of the last twenty-four hours melted away.         


#34 - Lightning/Thunder

Hurricane season struck again, and Natalia found herself boarding the windows of their house.


#35 - Bonds

There was a part of Calleigh that wanted to get married now, but she held herself back, knowing Natalia wanted to wait.


#36 - Market

When it registered in the lab that neither CSI Boa Vista nor Detective Duquesne were available anymore, many of the lab techs and officers lamented the loss; Horatio merely smiled, content the two were happy.


#37 - Technology  

No one knew when the dent on the mass spec machine appeared, but it wasn’t too long after Natalia and Calleigh had announced their engagement that Jake was seen in there with it.


#38 - Gift    

At her wedding shower, Calleigh received two gifts from Horatio: one was a collector’s piece 1776 pistol; the other was a jewelry box that belonged to his mother.


#39 - Smile 

Her father’s smile when he met Calleigh at the airport told Natalia that everything was going to be ok.


#40 - Innocence

Her nieces were a little unsure of why Tia Natalia was getting married to another girl, but as long as she was happy, it didn’t bother them.


#41 - Completion  

“By the power vested in me by the state of Florida, I pronounce you legally married; you may kiss the bride.”


#42 - Clouds

The first song they danced to was “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.


#43 - Sky    

The thing that Calleigh would remember the most was how blue they sky was, without a cloud at all.


#44 - Heaven        

“Calleigh Duquesne-Boa Vista; has a nice ring to it.”


#45 - Hell

“Next time, Natalia, charge your cell phone so I won’t freak out every time you don’t answer it!”


#46 - Sun    

Calleigh’s hair was brighter than any sun, and even in Miami, Natalia thought it outshone it.


#47 – Moon

“You are sunlight and I moon…” Natalia sang, and Calleigh smiled.


#48 - Waves

The waves lapped at their feet as they walked together, holding hands and basking in the glow of the sunset.


#49 - Hair   

Sometimes, Natalia would wake up in bed thinking all of this was a dream (that she was still with Nick) and would see their hair, blonde and brown tangled together on the pillow.


#50 – Supernova

Every time Calleigh said “I love you” it was like Natalia’s world was reborn all over again.


Finally finished. –Collapse-

11/21/2007 12:37 AM



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Nov. 22nd, 2007 06:16 am (UTC)
Very nicely done!

I'm doing a set of the sentences for a different pairing, and hope to get them finished after NaNo's all done and over with.

And I totally agree with racethewind10 that some of these need the fics that they seem to beg for...

Will add to the next update...
Dec. 3rd, 2007 04:07 am (UTC)
love it
I usually hate drabbles, but I love this as it is more a mini fic, and you say so much which so little. (can you tell I don't do concise well? so I admire those that can)

is it alright if i borrow 8, 9, 20 and 25. Not the actual words just the idea as I am still doin a WIP with several of the CSI women in it and as I haven't seen enuff Miami and have only recently started videoing it I was stuck on how to fit Nat in as I dont know enuff Cal or Nat background, but your beautiful ficlets have given me an idea.

I promise to put it on DuVista if I ever get it typed up, it consists of almost a full A5 ringbound hardback notebook at the mo, but been in too mch pain to type more than little "yeh great fic" notes recently.

Hugs Scorpio

Oh and can anyone tell me what season we are in at the mo as the UK is only a month or so behind US, just Play.com is selling all CSI box set v cheap but only want seasons Nat is in! Ta
Dec. 3rd, 2007 04:28 am (UTC)
Re: love it
At the moment, I'm not too fond of the idea of anyone using my work. Perhaps, at later date, we can discuss it.
I am very flattered, and thank you for asking.

Feb. 21st, 2008 03:57 pm (UTC)
These are awsome
Would you consent to let someone use 27-33 in a story or could I rewrite them a bit?
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